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Micro-Buff Body Polish Treatment

This  treatment will leave the skin looking and feeling fresh, smooth, clean, and "polished". In fact, "body polish" is another term for exfoliation.

This treatment leaves skin with a remarkably radiant sheen and an even tone, assuring heightened absorption of moisturizers and nutrients for deep-down benefits.accelerate cell renewal.


See Salt Body Polish Treatment

Skin feels restored to radiance after a treatment with this exfoliating salt glow.  Its triple-layer formula contains therapeutic Dead Sea salts in three crystal sizes to gently and effectively awaken circulation while removing accumulated residues and impurities. Skin tingles with the stimulating sensation of exfoliation as dry, dull skin is massaged away to reveal a fresh glow and a satin smooth texture. Replenishing oils of jojoba, avocado, and peach moisturize and soften.


Body Wrap Treatment                                                                                             Body wraps, also know as body masks and body packs, are used in top spas to aid in detoxification, remineralization, and rejuvenation of the skin and entire body. 

4 steps treatment:

1. Dry body-brushing

2. Exfoliation of the skin with Body polish

3. Body warp with mud

4. Finish with applying butter or lotion

Firmi-Sea Body Mud

Tone and Smooth Skin Texture, Re-Mineralize Skin

Rich concentrations of algae, minerals and vitamins derived from active seaweed varieties harvested off the Brittany Coast of France. For firming, stimulating and toning

European Rose Body Mud

Refine and Soften Skin, Accelerate Cell Renewal

Contains natural sun-dried rose clay extracted from the Provence region of France. Infused with Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acids, Beta Glucan and Rosa Centifola


Black Baltic Body Mud

Help Attract & Absorb Impurities Assist To Improve Skin Tone

Organic silts are collected from deep underneath 30,000 year old fresh water lakes in Eastern Europe. Promote detoxification, extract pore clogging impurities and improve skin texture.


Chocolate Creme Bliss

Detoxifying, Hydration, Firming, Enhance Cell Function and Turnover, Aphrodisiac


De-Stress Express

Soothe Anxiety, Improve Circulation, Invigorate, Restore Energy, Maintain Vitality, Refresh


Apple Chamomile Comfort

Relax, Nourish & Soothe Skin, Relieve Anxiety, Protect Skin, Insomnia, Muscle Pain, Inflammation


Hydrating Wrap

Mosturizes, Soothes, and Softens Elegant & Satiny Feel

Bind in moisture for lasting hydration and protection. 


 Cellulite Treatment

Stimulates Micro-Circulation & cellular Exchange in Affected Area, Temporarily Improving Appearance of Cellulite


5 weeks for series (2x per week for 10 sessions)





Product Info Time Price
Micro-Buff Body Polish 30min $50.00
See Salt Body Polish 30min $50.00
Body Wrap 120min $150.00
De-Stress Express Body Wrap 120min $150.00
Apple Chamomile Comfort Wrap 120 $150.00
Hydrating Wrap 90min $110.00
Chocolate Creme Bliss 120min $170.00
Cellulite Treatment 90min $100.00