Price list

Ultimate Spa

Excellent service as the Spa Manicure with an additional alpha hydroxy acid exfoliation to decrease the appearance of aging and sun damage. Paraffin mask soothing skin, massage relaxing hand and arm.


Spa Girl Treatment

Best Rejuvenating treatment.

As this treatment erases away dead, discolored, wrinkled, and aged skin. Pumping action supercharges circulation in the Blood and Lymphatic Systemsn which draws Blood Nutrients into the epidermal matrix and flushes toxins out.


Stone Massage

Increases blood circulation and helps calm headaches and clear

Service Price
Classic Polish Change $10.00 and up
Shellac,Gal Polish Change $20.00 and up
Classic Manicure $25.00 and up
Classic Manicure with Shellac, Gel Polish $30.00 and up
Classic Spa Manicure (Available: paraffin, warm oil, herbal wrap) $30.00 and up
Classic Spa Manicure with Shellac, Gel Polish $35.00 and up
Ultimate Spa $50.00 and up
Ultimate Spa with Shellac, Gel Polish $55.00 and up
Spa Girl Treatment $40.00 and up
Stone Massage $20.00 and up
Paraffin Wax Dip $10.00 and up
Classic Pedicure $35.00 and up
Toe Nail Polish Change $13.00 and up
Express $20.00 and up
Classic Combo (manicure and Pedicure) $50.00 and up